Clothes designs!!

Hey guys it’s the artalishious team here on Tuesday. we are a little late today but we still made it, anyways you guys know our last post pictures of art ?This is a little like that but about clothes designing. Why write about clothes designing? Because in some way it has to do with art .( some what in a way) Also remember its Art week!

Ok let’s get this party started! So the Artalishious team is going to work on making some clothes like dresses , skirts , shirts, shorts, ect.It might take some time but we will eventually get around to it and take some pictures to upload on here . We also want you guys to try a little of your creativity as well ! so if you have any extra cloth try to make something out of it like if you have enough a dress or a skirt then take a picture and send it to us at make it how you want it whether it has rips and tear in it or pretty little bows on it take a picture and email it to us! we love receiving emails and questions because it’s so fun!

Remember its art week so read our last post and don’t be shy to show off your style! please follow us , comment below and email us for some more updates. Our schedule has been changed this week so our Saturday post will be on Friday! Peace! 🙂

– TheArtalishious Team



pictures of art !!

Hey guys its Artalishious me here with a random post just for YOU! so you guys know that really cool blog called isabellart? its amazing and this girl is like so talented!

I just wanted you guys to know about her she deserves it! Anyways what I want you guys is to find some really pretty or awesome pictures and email them to us at okay ? Because its going to be a creative week on artalishious me and I want you guys to speak your mind . seriously ! And if you don’t really have any cool pictures you can draw them take a pic and upload it to send to us even we are going to upload some pictures that were drawn by us. ( we arent very good but who cares its art week!) 🙂  the flowerthis one is the one I drew ( not very good ) and my bffs will be in the next post which will be here tomorrow! guys  if you have any cool photos you can send them to  we want your photos and opinions too!

– The Artalishious Team 🙂



Hey guys its artalishious me here to give you guys a surprise post. Since we were a little late yesterday on writing our posts we thought to write a surprise post! Let’s get started!

Okay I know its Sunday but I got a little concerned about the popular girls at school. They are so mean and nobody sticks up to them ether. But why share my bitterness with you guys ? Because i can make a post out of it and it gives a lesson . Here is my point: Does it really matter what your hair or clothes or bag look like ? No it doesn’t ok? im sorry if im being a little rude but face it people i speak the truth .

I would stand up to those girls but im going to keep my mouth shut for now. The whole point of going to school is learn, have a little fun and maybe socialize a little bit . Hair,makeup,clothes , and bags are over rated . Its fun to dress up and all but remember make sure your attitude fits your normal clothes .

-The Artalishious Team 🙂


Hey guys its Artalishious  me here to give you the latest on . . . Everything!

okay let’s get started , I must admit that I was bullied before , it made me feel horrible because i was different . Yes I bet you have heard of bullying a lot lately but this isn’t really one of those stories about how you stop it or something .

Now a lot of people have been bullied before or watched someone get bullied  . Have you ever bullied someone? Some say “yes” some would say” no” but what if you say ” I don’t know” . Maybe you have bullied someone without even realizing it .( well that’s okay we have all at least done that once)But when you think about it , it makes you feel a little guilty. right? Just because someone is chubby ( I don’t like to say fat)or nerdy or has a disorder doesn’t mean you can point out their flaws. obviously they can  notice without you blabbing your mouth about it .

People bully because of secrets , as one old teacher of mine said ” secrets, secrets are no fun secrets, secrets tell no one ” yeah secrets can be bad but for some people ,when they find out they would get angry or feel hurt . but my point is a bully only bullies you because they hide something . Remember nobody is perfect . What i would say is ” stop bullying  people ” but i wont say that but one thing i will say is count your blessings before you bully someone .

– The Artalishious Team 🙂

girl talk for guys

hey again its Artalishious Me ! Today we are going to give the boys some girl advice . Okay let’s get started ! You can comment below or if its more personal than you can email us at . continuing on…

1. be nice to her.

2. if she is having a bad day give her a present like chocolate or some flowers.

3. Do things that she likes to do even if you don’t.

4. Always respect her opinions and offer her your help

5. listen to her when she talks and if you doze off say ” yeah i know ”

so boys take out advice and get the girl of your dreams! that all for now see you guys later

– The Artalishious Team 🙂

song lyrics

hey guys its Artalishious Me here on its usual schedule but a little late . Lets get started this is kinda about some tips on how to write songs . so why are we writing about song lyrics? Because this blog need some music in it ! So writing a song to me is like writing a poem , usually it rhymes and has a theme to it. Like it could be about love , rage , hatred , or just life! Lots of songwriters write when something has just happened like a breakup .

My bff ( im not gonna say any names ) is awesome at writing songs , so i asked her some questions and got some answers .-

Q. what advice would you give to younger songwriters?

A. start with listening to a few tunes and play around with lyrics and continue from there .

Q. what inspires you to write a song?

A. well, my grandpa and my bff inspire me because they have me listen to new songs that I have never heard of and I would mash 2 songs together and make a new song!

well that’s all for now now guys . See you next time !

– The Artalishious Team 🙂

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