Hey guys its Artalishious  me here to give you the latest on . . . Everything!

okay let’s get started , I must admit that I was bullied before , it made me feel horrible because i was different . Yes I bet you have heard of bullying a lot lately but this isn’t really one of those stories about how you stop it or something .

Now a lot of people have been bullied before or watched someone get bullied  . Have you ever bullied someone? Some say “yes” some would say” no” but what if you say ” I don’t know” . Maybe you have bullied someone without even realizing it .( well that’s okay we have all at least done that once)But when you think about it , it makes you feel a little guilty. right? Just because someone is chubby ( I don’t like to say fat)or nerdy or has a disorder doesn’t mean you can point out their flaws. obviously they can  notice without you blabbing your mouth about it .

People bully because of secrets , as one old teacher of mine said ” secrets, secrets are no fun secrets, secrets tell no one ” yeah secrets can be bad but for some people ,when they find out they would get angry or feel hurt . but my point is a bully only bullies you because they hide something . Remember nobody is perfect . What i would say is ” stop bullying  people ” but i wont say that but one thing i will say is count your blessings before you bully someone .

– The Artalishious Team 🙂


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