song lyrics

hey guys its Artalishious Me here on its usual schedule but a little late . Lets get started this is kinda about some tips on how to write songs . so why are we writing about song lyrics? Because this blog need some music in it ! So writing a song to me is like writing a poem , usually it rhymes and has a theme to it. Like it could be about love , rage , hatred , or just life! Lots of songwriters write when something has just happened like a breakup .

My bff ( im not gonna say any names ) is awesome at writing songs , so i asked her some questions and got some answers .-

Q. what advice would you give to younger songwriters?

A. start with listening to a few tunes and play around with lyrics and continue from there .

Q. what inspires you to write a song?

A. well, my grandpa and my bff inspire me because they have me listen to new songs that I have never heard of and I would mash 2 songs together and make a new song!

well that’s all for now now guys . See you next time !

– The Artalishious Team 🙂


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