Hey guys its artalishious me here to give you guys a surprise post. Since we were a little late yesterday on writing our posts we thought to write a surprise post! Let’s get started!

Okay I know its Sunday but I got a little concerned about the popular girls at school. They are so mean and nobody sticks up to them ether. But why share my bitterness with you guys ? Because i can make a post out of it and it gives a lesson . Here is my point: Does it really matter what your hair or clothes or bag look like ? No it doesn’t ok? im sorry if im being a little rude but face it people i speak the truth .

I would stand up to those girls but im going to keep my mouth shut for now. The whole point of going to school is learn, have a little fun and maybe socialize a little bit . Hair,makeup,clothes , and bags are over rated . Its fun to dress up and all but remember make sure your attitude fits your normal clothes .

-The Artalishious Team 🙂


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