Clothes designs!!

Hey guys it’s the artalishious team here on Tuesday. we are a little late today but we still made it, anyways you guys know our last post pictures of art ?This is a little like that but about clothes designing. Why write about clothes designing? Because in some way it has to do with art .( some what in a way) Also remember its Art week!

Ok let’s get this party started! So the Artalishious team is going to work on making some clothes like dresses , skirts , shirts, shorts, ect.It might take some time but we will eventually get around to it and take some pictures to upload on here . We also want you guys to try a little of your creativity as well ! so if you have any extra cloth try to make something out of it like if you have enough a dress or a skirt then take a picture and send it to us at make it how you want it whether it has rips and tear in it or pretty little bows on it take a picture and email it to us! we love receiving emails and questions because it’s so fun!

Remember its art week so read our last post and don’t be shy to show off your style! please follow us , comment below and email us for some more updates. Our schedule has been changed this week so our Saturday post will be on Friday! Peace! 🙂

– TheArtalishious Team



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