One question remains… How do you get on freshly pressed??

I’m sure everyone who has a blog has asked them self this question : ” How do I get on freshly pressed?”, well that’s okay I wondered that too and  I bet a lot of people have . So here are some tips to get on freshly pressed.

1. If you have a DIY project you can write about that or something cool that your mom did today.

2. Sometimes when your blog is popular enough it would be on the freshly pressed list.

3. If something big and shocking is happening in your town be the first to write about it and spread the word (so some other journalist and if its big enough yahoo cant steel your post)

4. I CAN’T SEE where is the pictures? if your writing some news YOU HAVE TO HAVE PICTURES! I can’t really stretch that any longer.

5. freshly pressed is based on how well your blog post is written , so as you write make sure you stay on topic and use correct paragraphing( I kinda slack at paragraphing)

6.if your having writers block then let those creative juices flow! here are 29 things to write about if your a good writer then consider your going to be on freshly pressed.

7. When your writing a post and you think it needs some editing write it down on paper cause its easier to get rid of a word and you can doodle a bit while your thinking!

8.Say I was writing a new post about the new Ipad 3 , would you get bored or be sleeping if I just went on and on about its gigabits and apps ?  where is the pzazz? That would be soo boring and most likely it wouldn’t get on freshly pressed. (no offence apple inc.)

9. In the top left corner of the freshly pressed it said ” the best of 478,593 bloggers, 824,395 new posts, 1,444,823 comments, &187,613,014 words posted today on” There are alot of bloggers out there , write the best you be the best! and well get on freshly pressed.

10. Most important!!! BE YOURSELF dont be that tech geek who just writes and writes and writes and writes, add some freaking pzazz. If your not yourself then who are you?

-TheArtGirls 🙂











Learning new things – Piano!

Hey guys! Have you ever wanted to play piano? I did and now in going to. So the other day I was surfing the web as usual and find a piano course, of course I looked at it and put my nose in its business.As i was looking its an easy and fun looking course. They even have some free lessons before you buy the actual course. For anybody who wants to play piano (like me) visit this link

click here to go to the link

( if this link isnt working correctly just copy and paste it into the search bar at the top)

Also playing music is another way of expressing your feelings ,( like if your sad or hurt or happy ect.)Look at the world without music. see?

That would be posted everywhere. In the streets , buildings, you name it. Anyways I recommend buying this course. Remember when you were a kid and really wanted to play piano ? Now you can sit down and really learn to play piano like a pro . speaking of piano a really interesting video on youtube I watched the other day. your welcome:)

s/he is really good 🙂 byea!

– TheArtGirls


awesome video:

A walk in nature

Hello and welcome to another day! So today my BFF and I stayed outside all day and kinda took a walk through nature, and then noticed something. So there was a big pine tree and it reminded me of a really famous blog. The tree was compared to the blog , the blog was huge and very popular ,the tree was huge ( wasn’t really famous that would be weird ) , now there was a seedling next to it , looked very small like grass. The seedling wasn’t very noticeable or big, if you compare that seedling to this blog it’s not big or popular it’s a little seedling.

Every blog starts out as a seedling , and who knows this blog could be the biggest hit in a few years . That big tree was a seedling it grew up and look at it now! Your blog could be huge just give it time to grow:). Today’s task: Go outside and take a little walk ,it doesn’t matter how long your walk is , but only if you walk and looked around. This post was kinda short. Bye!

-TheArtGirls 🙂

A kid that’s different

Okay well first I want to tell you about a 12-year-old kid. Why you ask ? because he needs some help ( just not like food, money ,clothes help) he told me that he hates himself because he doesn’t fit in with the rest of his friends and that he knows how badly people talk about him. A lot of people have been going through that lately, anyways this kids parents are going to split apart forever because of that kid. He said himself ” I don’t like it when my parents fight about me because it’s always about how i can never fit in but most of the time when they fight i just lock myself in my room and think about why people don’t like me “. It’s so sad when a kid feels that way because he had nobody to turn to but me , im not going to say his name but lets call him Tim(still not his real name) , Tim is always thought as the weird kid with hearing problems.

Tim said ” I tried to runaway but my parents always found me and when they did they would punish me for it “, he wants to move out of Indiana and move to Kentucky so he can start his life all over with a better reputation. All I wanted to do is help and now maybe we can , that’s why im writing this. Know if you want to contact him to give advice just email us at we let him use that email. Starting all over is what he thinks it will take to rip of that bad reputation and put on a clean nice one, he knows im writing this because i told him. My point is that you should help someone if they seem to be failing in classes or just looking sad and frustrated , I don’t care if this puts some dirt on my reputation because I know I can get it off. Please don’t be shy to ask if someones okay, nobody should be left alone when they are sad.Im very impressed by the bravery of his 12-year-old , if he can be put through this then you can just dont loose hope.

– The Art Girls 🙂

Pink slime?!?!

Guys really?? have you checked yahoo in the last few months? First thing is the first month they wrote about Mc Donalds is using pink slime in their hamburgers. ( that’s so gross!) A month later they wrote about Mc Donalds and Taco Bell banning pink slime from their fast food restaurants, but the government now allows pink slime in out school lunches! They think its safe but well , what do you think? Do you want to eat pink slime and still know you are eating that? No and still heck no! Nobody wants to eat that! People im sorry but this is the cold heart truth.

Alot of fast food places will do anything for money in this economy and you know what else? they dont care what you eat , they only want the money!( heck they would probably feed you meat off of a dog to get some cash out of you ) Comment below for what you think and email us

-The Art Girls


watch out for what you eat.Now you have no clue what people give you to eat.

Music type

Hia! Whats your music type? Personally I like the new things ( a good song for running in track is ” i just wanna run” by Downtown Fiction ) and some country. So what is your music type? If you don’t really have a type then well you’re the “music lover” type or maybe ” the music isn’t really my thing ” type.  Music is life you might think one thing is a love song to you and your friend might think its a break up song. It depends on what you have been through in your life . right? When do you listen to music? It’s very relaxing for me to listen while you’re doing homework. There shouldn’t be a limit for music, when i was littler my big sister would always tell me which music to listen to and i just didn’t like her music so I stopped listening to it until I got a hold of a computer . ( I would get on youtube and listen to MY music) Don’t let people set your music limits : you can listen to whatever you want whether its usher or the band perry. FREE YOURSELF WITH MUSIC!  A guy I know likes old music like the 90s band AC-DC ( I respect that so im not against that or anything) there is NOTHING wrong with that, mike,( i call him mike) Don’t worry if people are against that. Show off you music right now comment or email us your music type or any good songs ( ill tell you im listening to , its good life by OneRepublic it makes me happy :O ) you can email us at:

🙂 live, love , listen 🙂

– The Artalishious Girls 🙂


So photographs? Do you like them? do you hate them? well I can tell you that I hated being in pictures when I was littler because I didn’t like my teeth . But now im not afraid to show my teeth and be in pictures especially when im in pictures with my friends. Pictures are a memory of your life ( almost like having a photographic memory which would be so cool) My BFF and I took some nice pictures of some simple things and outdoor pictures. here they are !

the one with the clock is called” autumns time” and the apple is called ” an apple a day keeps the hunger away “

these were taken by my BFF. i don’t know what she called them

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

grr well the ones that say love and the hearts are the pictures she took . Well thats all for today! BYE !!

– The Art Girls 🙂

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