Artalishious Me Update

Hey its artalishious me here with a little update for you all. We currently aren’t getting very many views or followers. So we decided that we are going to try to post more often so don’t be surprised if a post shows up tomorrow. We also are working on posting more photos . so if you guys want a certain topic of a post just email us at

Like us , follow us, tell your friends about us!

now I wanted to do this to see if I could



of words

can make

something so

cool and pretty if

you stand back and …

squint. This isn’t really any

poetry thing I just want to make this

into a pyramid. It’s really fun you should try

it . I was going to make a star but it would take too

long and now I make a weird pyramid type of thing so yeah

I think im almost done I have been doing this for about 2 minutes.

yeah okay im done now so you can do read another post so yeah and bye !

-The Artalishious Team

p.s. it kinda looks like a messed up side triangle very lopsided. ( I think I spelled that wrong )


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