pictures of art 2!!

Hi again Artalishious me here . So yes the title said it the pictures of art 2! Well you know how I said my bff ( which is also part of this blog ) would draw some pictures and I would post them on here and well that is what I will do! But first come on people we still have only 3 email for the pictures ! Send them in it’s not hard at all you guys are just being a little shy but that’s ok everyone is at one point in their lives . so here are 3 pictures of what my bff drew ( she draws really fast but the drawing turns out perfectly fine)  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 I drew the realistic eyes and well im so sorry the stupid computer uploaded to many pictures of the same one so yeah. sorry.well thats all for now see you on Friday! by the way email us if you have any questions!

– The Artalishious Team 🙂


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