Going Green!

Yo dudes! what up? Artalishious Me here,Its Friday and you know in the last posts we mentioned we would post on Friday instead of Saturday! Ok well first let me say its easy to go green and still have so much fun! My bff and I went to a 3D movie and we asked if we could keep the 3D glasses the usual they say yes. ( just making sure if we could but fact is that most people don’t ask)

We took the glasses home and got the idea of making some really cool glasses, we took a knife and took out the 3D lenses, made sure we got all of it out. Then, we took some blackish nail polish and went over the white words so they were gone, waited till that part was dry then took a picture of them. ( ill show it later) Another thing is wire trees, they take more time but still its worth it! what we did was we found some old green wires ( easy to find if your father scraps metal and copper) and took all of the top wires ( left the last 4 inches alone for the trunk) and spread them out like branches, and took pliers to bend them a little better. Then, we bought a little thing of brown paint ,painted the trunk then let it dry . Thanks that’s all for today! sorry i couldn’t upload that pic of the glasses the computer wouldn’t let me. see you guys next Tuesday!

– The Artalishious Team 🙂


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