This Brilliant Girl :)

Okay this girl is amazing she is so brilliant, she has so much talent it’s almost unbelievable. You guys can comment below and email us at, well? you wanna know? i guess you do.

Okay this is huge, my best friends little cousin sang a special song.Not just any song, a song that she made up by herself . She made it up because she was going to prank her brothers with her big sister by singing and dancing in their rooms with the lights out .(yeah not the best prank but hey the girl is young) They didn’t really do the prank they decided to finish the song. My BFF asked her if she finished the song and she said yes then she asked if we could hear it so she sung this: schools out , schools out,its summer time its so cool so you can swim in the pool cause schools out . It goes on longer but still isnt that cool( that is cool because this little girl is like 3) ?? well see ya later BYE!

– The Art Girls

p.s. we’re changing out signature to the art girls 🙂


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