A kid that’s different

Okay well first I want to tell you about a 12-year-old kid. Why you ask ? because he needs some help ( just not like food, money ,clothes help) he told me that he hates himself because he doesn’t fit in with the rest of his friends and that he knows how badly people talk about him. A lot of people have been going through that lately, anyways this kids parents are going to split apart forever because of that kid. He said himself ” I don’t like it when my parents fight about me because it’s always about how i can never fit in but most of the time when they fight i just lock myself in my room and think about why people don’t like me “. It’s so sad when a kid feels that way because he had nobody to turn to but me , im not going to say his name but lets call him Tim(still not his real name) , Tim is always thought as the weird kid with hearing problems.

Tim said ” I tried to runaway but my parents always found me and when they did they would punish me for it “, he wants to move out of Indiana and move to Kentucky so he can start his life all over with a better reputation. All I wanted to do is help and now maybe we can , that’s why im writing this. Know if you want to contact him to give advice just email us at artalishiousme@yahoo.com we let him use that email. Starting all over is what he thinks it will take to rip of that bad reputation and put on a clean nice one, he knows im writing this because i told him. My point is that you should help someone if they seem to be failing in classes or just looking sad and frustrated , I don’t care if this puts some dirt on my reputation because I know I can get it off. Please don’t be shy to ask if someones okay, nobody should be left alone when they are sad.Im very impressed by the bravery of his 12-year-old , if he can be put through this then you can just dont loose hope.

– The Art Girls 🙂


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