A walk in nature

Hello and welcome to another day! So today my BFF and I stayed outside all day and kinda took a walk through nature, and then noticed something. So there was a big pine tree and it reminded me of a really famous blog. The tree was compared to the blog , the blog was huge and very popular ,the tree was huge ( wasn’t really famous that would be weird ) , now there was a seedling next to it , looked very small like grass. The seedling wasn’t very noticeable or big, if you compare that seedling to this blog it’s not big or popular it’s a little seedling.

Every blog starts out as a seedling , and who knows this blog could be the biggest hit in a few years . That big tree was a seedling it grew up and look at it now! Your blog could be huge just give it time to grow:). Today’s task: Go outside and take a little walk ,it doesn’t matter how long your walk is , but only if you walk and looked around. This post was kinda short. Bye!

-TheArtGirls 🙂


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