Learning new things – Piano!

Hey guys! Have you ever wanted to play piano? I did and now in going to. So the other day I was surfing the web as usual and find a piano course, of course I looked at it and put my nose in its business.As i was looking its an easy and fun looking course. They even have some free lessons before you buy the actual course. For anybody who wants to play piano (like me) visit this link

click here to go to the link

( if this link isnt working correctly just copy and paste it into the search bar at the top)

Also playing music is another way of expressing your feelings ,( like if your sad or hurt or happy ect.)Look at the world without music. see?

That would be posted everywhere. In the streets , buildings, you name it. Anyways I recommend buying this course. Remember when you were a kid and really wanted to play piano ? Now you can sit down and really learn to play piano like a pro . speaking of piano a really interesting video on youtube I watched the other day. your welcome:)


s/he is really good 🙂 byea!

– TheArtGirls


awesome video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17YNCMdV1TY


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  1. theartalishiousgirls
    Mar 23, 2012 @ 22:48:19

    If the course link dont work just copy and paste into your URL search bar 🙂


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