One question remains… How do you get on freshly pressed??

I’m sure everyone who has a blog has asked them self this question : ” How do I get on freshly pressed?”, well that’s okay I wondered that too and  I bet a lot of people have . So here are some tips to get on freshly pressed.

1. If you have a DIY project you can write about that or something cool that your mom did today.

2. Sometimes when your blog is popular enough it would be on the freshly pressed list.

3. If something big and shocking is happening in your town be the first to write about it and spread the word (so some other journalist and if its big enough yahoo cant steel your post)

4. I CAN’T SEE where is the pictures? if your writing some news YOU HAVE TO HAVE PICTURES! I can’t really stretch that any longer.

5. freshly pressed is based on how well your blog post is written , so as you write make sure you stay on topic and use correct paragraphing( I kinda slack at paragraphing)

6.if your having writers block then let those creative juices flow! here are 29 things to write about if your a good writer then consider your going to be on freshly pressed.

7. When your writing a post and you think it needs some editing write it down on paper cause its easier to get rid of a word and you can doodle a bit while your thinking!

8.Say I was writing a new post about the new Ipad 3 , would you get bored or be sleeping if I just went on and on about its gigabits and apps ?  where is the pzazz? That would be soo boring and most likely it wouldn’t get on freshly pressed. (no offence apple inc.)

9. In the top left corner of the freshly pressed it said ” the best of 478,593 bloggers, 824,395 new posts, 1,444,823 comments, &187,613,014 words posted today on” There are alot of bloggers out there , write the best you be the best! and well get on freshly pressed.

10. Most important!!! BE YOURSELF dont be that tech geek who just writes and writes and writes and writes, add some freaking pzazz. If your not yourself then who are you?

-TheArtGirls 🙂











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