Some good music for The Hunger Games soundtrack!

So I promised i would write up another post and here it is!

So I bet alot of you guys have heard of the hunger games right? So I thought this would be a fun post to do for some good music that could fit the theme of the movie.

1. Safe and Sound – Taylor Swift.

(This is already on the soundtrack but it fits REALLY good)

2.Who am living for – Katy Perry

3. Conspiracy – Paramore

( I dont listen to paramore alot but this kinda fits it)

4.Never grow up – Taylor Swift

( this fits for what katniss would sing to prim)

5.Airplanes- B.o.b feat.

(Not sure but maybe… tell me what you think!)

6.Set fire to the rain-Adele



(not really relating to the hunger games but why isn’t this part of Kesha viral?)

8.Stronger- Kelly Clarkson

9.Good Girl- Carrie Underwood

10. I wanna go-Britney Spears

thanks for reading as always!

– The Art Girls


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