Some music is effective…

So I thought I would do a new post today because 1) I’m bored and 2) I want to because it will be fun! You know when you listen to a certain song it makes you feel like the  theme of the song? Yeah makes no sense but an example will help. So if your listening to lets say some country song like gunpowder and lead by Miranda Lambert , you might feel like you want to do something bad like punch something or take a gun and fire it. You see now? Ok well I like making lists so I will Make a list for the different types of music that makes you feel a certain way.

1) Country- Very western, and feel as if you could use a whip or some weapon.Or if its soft like Taylor swift you feel very how do I put this… lovey dovey ( don’t think is spelled that right )

example  like I said Taylor Swift- Today was a fairytale – calm and lovey dovey and makes you wanna slow dance with your crush ( yeah I know we can all be forever alone people)

2) Electric Makes you want to break out and dance like a robot or rap some hard beats!

Example (not a song but I don’t know any songs of this type really) Dubstep- trying to make those beats with your mouth and dancing like a robot making you look like a weirdo.

3)Rock- Makes you want to play the air guitar or play some air instrument

Example- Three Days Grace – Riot- makes me kinda want to really start a riot.( made my head hurt a little because I was wearing head phones almost blasting my ears)

4) Hip Hop( sorry not a big fan of this but I guess some people are) – THROW DOWN A RAP AND COOL DANCE.(yeah that’s it for this one so… no example)

5)World music- Some music from around the world – makes you feel like you want to sing along some times

example-Nzeleketsi ( Accompany Me) – Very full of drums and male singers –  different language but very interesting to listen to.

Well thanks for reading and if you have any questions or any new ideas for some music just comment below or email us at

-The Art Girls

p.s stay tuned for some interviews with important people!

( cant tell you now it will ruin the surprise!)


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