Writing and Imagination!

Yeah I know this is kinda a boring post but I got a really messed up comment that I deleted and it was mean soooo…. Yeah I kinda lost it while reading it and yeah .BUT ANYWAYS I know that there are people out there that like what we write 🙂

PLUS I have some awesome not for sure news!

Ok well I’ve just finished my new maybe book and I was thinking of publishing it for ebook on Amazon!!! Yay!!!!!!! It’s called Safe House . It’s the first book in my trilogy ( not like the movie its so different from that) SOOO NEVERMIND ON THAT JUST STICK IT IN YOUR BRAIN.

So This summer all along with your other plans what are YOU going to do on your FREETIME? How about writing a story? Why not? DO IT! DO IT! Write about maybe something that happened to you in a story or write about something completely fantasy like my book.USE YOUR IMAGINATION SO DO WHATEVER! If you even have to go outside and yell ” Give me an idea!” at the wind or at a tree ( call me crazy I know I did it once ^^)  CREATE A STORY then EDIT IT AWESOMELY( spelled wrong again oh well) and then… CREATE A COVER AND DONE!

Be awesome and share your stories with your friends! Now now little author, you know what else you might need to keep you safe its…….. Dun Dun Dunnnnn…… COPYRIGHT! Set some!Or at lease put the C with the circle around it and move on….

Ok I know short short post today but HEY! Give me a  break! We are busy people now! Thanks for reading! BYEA!

-The Art Girls 🙂



What to do in summer!

Hey everybody! We’re excited because summer is coming! It’s here for the people in Brookville because we got out early from snow days. (Yeah the art girls live in Brookville Indiana if you didn’t know) Soooo some stuff is down below for when you have nothing to do this summer READ ON!

5  things to do this summer

1. Learn to play an instrument!( like me)

2. Go on vacation!

3. Pig out on movies, tv shows, and/or books!

4. Start doing something different that is out of your lifestyle like sky diving or poetry!

5. Have LOTS of sleepovers! With all of your friends (that is what I’m gonna do.)

-TheArtGirls  🙂

(on an unrelated topic what I really hate is spell checker! It really annoys me a lot because I have to change it all the time (and have to yell at it which is pointless) (inception!) so yeah…)

~Best Friends~( something had to be said)

Hey, Remember that time you had a best friend? Yeah I bet a lot of you guys do. Well do you still truly remember that person? I mean like you know every special detail they told you. Have you ever lost a best friend? I did and if you did I know the feeling. Not to bring you down , but let’s say you were about 11 and had your best friend always there for you and then years later they don’t even know your name or who you are. It’s like loosing a happy part of your life right? Well you found a new best friend didn’t you? But from another persons eyes it’s like it didn’t even happen, like you never met that person.But if you look through your old bffs eyes it’s just ” oh I remember you now I wish we could have never had that fight” and then it’s just thoughts about the good old times where you would share every secret , sit by each other everywhere and most importantly just have an awesome time about funny things just forgetting about life.right? And I bet that my old best friend is reading this right now.I’m writing this because you’re not alone it happens all the time and just recently happened to me. So when you need someone to talk to you have family or if you want to talk to me or the other girls just email us. I know it hurts when you think that nothing will ever be the same.It happens a lot when you’re in a group of friends and one takes the other person and you get back at them by taking the other friend away.


You’re not alone, its everyone else too.

– Only One Art Girl Today

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