What to do in summer!

Hey everybody! We’re excited because summer is coming! It’s here for the people in Brookville because we got out early from snow days. (Yeah the art girls live in Brookville Indiana if you didn’t know) Soooo some stuff is down below for when you have nothing to do this summer READ ON!

5  things to do this summer

1. Learn to play an instrument!( like me)

2. Go on vacation!

3. Pig out on movies, tv shows, and/or books!

4. Start doing something different that is out of your lifestyle like sky diving or poetry!

5. Have LOTS of sleepovers! With all of your friends (that is what I’m gonna do.)

-TheArtGirls  🙂

(on an unrelated topic what I really hate is spell checker! It really annoys me a lot because I have to change it all the time (and have to yell at it which is pointless) (inception!) so yeah…)


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