Writing and Imagination!

Yeah I know this is kinda a boring post but I got a really messed up comment that I deleted and it was mean soooo…. Yeah I kinda lost it while reading it and yeah .BUT ANYWAYS I know that there are people out there that like what we write 🙂

PLUS I have some awesome not for sure news!

Ok well I’ve just finished my new maybe book and I was thinking of publishing it for ebook on Amazon!!! Yay!!!!!!! It’s called Safe House . It’s the first book in my trilogy ( not like the movie its so different from that) SOOO NEVERMIND ON THAT JUST STICK IT IN YOUR BRAIN.

So This summer all along with your other plans what are YOU going to do on your FREETIME? How about writing a story? Why not? DO IT! DO IT! Write about maybe something that happened to you in a story or write about something completely fantasy like my book.USE YOUR IMAGINATION SO DO WHATEVER! If you even have to go outside and yell ” Give me an idea!” at the wind or at a tree ( call me crazy I know I did it once ^^)  CREATE A STORY then EDIT IT AWESOMELY( spelled wrong again oh well) and then… CREATE A COVER AND DONE!

Be awesome and share your stories with your friends! Now now little author, you know what else you might need to keep you safe its…….. Dun Dun Dunnnnn…… COPYRIGHT! Set some!Or at lease put the C with the circle around it and move on….

Ok I know short short post today but HEY! Give me a  break! We are busy people now! Thanks for reading! BYEA!

-The Art Girls 🙂



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