DIY Videos : second or third week?

Hey guys Artalishious Me here and I just wanted to upload a post because well we haven’t really had one of these posts in a while so I wanted to do one! Yes I know it’s one o’clock in the morning but I PROMISED myself I would get to post on time but at the same time while I’m writing I’m watching Ellen 🙂 Gosh I love her…. NOTE: Always watch Ellen if you’re having a bad day 🙂

ANYWAYS… are some DIY videos 🙂


Even I did this! Mine are blue 🙂 its awesome but you need some things for it :

-MAC Overlacquer
-Xanthan Gum Powder (
-Funnel (or an icing bag tip?)
-Stainless Steel Balls, Grade 302, 1/8 (
-Glitter (2-3 grades)

I’ll post a pic of my nails soon:)

Okay I must admit on YouTube there is this channel called Mr. Kate AND I got this Video from the channel and I thought I would use this because these are AWESOME!

AMAZING aren’t they?


I’m doing this also but I might even end up doing all of them.

Hunger Games All the WAY!

How to make a hunger games mockingjay pin!

Now this is a little hard but if you really work for it you can do it!

More info:

Thanks for watching and reading!  But first…..


I feel like I’m forgetting something…. Oh well:)

-The Art Girls


Pictures are just so awesome to take and edit. :)

Hia so…. I JUST wrote a post on our segment would you rather BUT I just wanted to make it up for last Saturday. AND NOW… Here are some pictures I took and edited them into something better….




Thanks and I know they are a little blurry but that’s was NOT my fault it was the computers I promise and if you are wondering the girl on the well and swing is my little sister Natalie:) I jut had the idea of the glove and guitar ALSO I’m sorry that the guitar has only 5 strings one was pulled on a lot and came off 😦 but thanks and comment like and follow us 🙂
-The Art Girls 🙂

Would You Rather? answers and New

Hey! Yeah its Sunday…. BUT I have a reason; I won’t be home( plus I’m lazy) Sooo….. We have answers…. And NEW questions! I thought we wouldn’t get people to answer but we did. Sorry we haven’t updated but if you must know I’m just sitting at home in baggy clothes with my girls eating sour punch straws and watching tv/movies and writing songs… Ahhh Summer….


Ok first answers:

From: Tiffany H.

Fart silent deadly smells
Evil step sister
You belong with me
Lightning bug
Poor hot dude

From: UR_#1_Fan_grl_

Sneeze lava

Evil sister

I run to you

a bee

Rich ugly dude




1.Would you rather have to sleep on a rock in the middle of the ocean OR sleep under a A moving bee hive that can fall at anytime?
2. Would you rather be a walrus OR a swordfish?

3.Would you rather cry crystals OR sweat kool laid?

4.Would you rather have to ability to play guitar with your elbows OR be able to play the piano with your tongue?

5.Would you rather be able to see the color of music ( also there is an actual ability to do that but it’s rare.) OR taste words?

Thanks for reading please answer in the comments below tweet us and email us.

@ Artalishious Me


Answer to maybe get featured!

– The Art Girls:)


New Segment! Guess My Word!

Heyyyyyyy Artalishious Me fans!

Yeah I know you guys just had a post on a new segment BUT this is only the second segment of our 3 new ones. And this one is called Guess My Word!

You see its like Dictionary but backwards , I give you a definition type thing and you guess the word that goes along with it. Everytime we play we do 10 definitions 5 are easy and 5 are hard. First off the EASY ones!

1.The plastic piece that is used to strum a guitar.

2.A happy facial expression.

3.A sharp point that grows on the stem of plants such as roses.

4.An animal that lives on water and on land and has a hard shell on their back.

5.A Daily record of a person’s feelings,thoughts, and experiences .


1.The repeating of a sound from the sound waves from a surface.

2. A male duck

3. A small blackish beetle with red spots on the wings.

4.To learn by heart.

5.A Woman’s best friend.

THANKS FOR READING!!!!! Leave your answers below or tweet, and email them to us. YOU must choose!

-The Art Girls 🙂

New Segment! Would you rather? Artalishious Me edition!

Hey y’all! SO…. Just to make Artalishious Me more interesting ,we have decided to create some segments that YOU get to respond to and this one is would you rather! Yeah I know it is kinda old but still fun. (Wait… Why the heck am I debating on this?) BUT every week we have a new post of any segment we are doing and feature some your YOUR answers from the comments, tweets, and emails. Sound good? Ok we have 5 questions of would you rather.

1. Would you rather learn to sneeze lava OR fart silent but deadly smells?

2. If you were to be stranded on an island would you rather have your mother-in-law with you OR your evil step sister?

3. If you could live the life of a song Would you rather live” You belong with me” (by Taylor swift) OR “I run to you”? (By Lady Antebellum)

4.If you were a bug would you rather be a lightning bug OR a bee?

5.If you had a choice would you rather be poor and be married to a hot guy OR be really rich and be married to a butt ugly dude?

Thanks for reading and MAKE SURE to comment ,tweet and, email your answers and why you choose those answers! THINK ABOUT IT! You must choose!

@ Artalishious Me

-The Art Girls 🙂

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