New Segment! Guess My Word!

Heyyyyyyy Artalishious Me fans!

Yeah I know you guys just had a post on a new segment BUT this is only the second segment of our 3 new ones. And this one is called Guess My Word!

You see its like Dictionary but backwards , I give you a definition type thing and you guess the word that goes along with it. Everytime we play we do 10 definitions 5 are easy and 5 are hard. First off the EASY ones!

1.The plastic piece that is used to strum a guitar.

2.A happy facial expression.

3.A sharp point that grows on the stem of plants such as roses.

4.An animal that lives on water and on land and has a hard shell on their back.

5.A Daily record of a person’s feelings,thoughts, and experiences .


1.The repeating of a sound from the sound waves from a surface.

2. A male duck

3. A small blackish beetle with red spots on the wings.

4.To learn by heart.

5.A Woman’s best friend.

THANKS FOR READING!!!!! Leave your answers below or tweet, and email them to us. YOU must choose!

-The Art Girls 🙂


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