Would You Rather? answers and New

Hey! Yeah its Sunday…. BUT I have a reason; I won’t be home( plus I’m lazy) Sooo….. We have answers…. And NEW questions! I thought we wouldn’t get people to answer but we did. Sorry we haven’t updated but if you must know I’m just sitting at home in baggy clothes with my girls eating sour punch straws and watching tv/movies and writing songs… Ahhh Summer….


Ok first answers:

From: Tiffany H.

Fart silent deadly smells
Evil step sister
You belong with me
Lightning bug
Poor hot dude

From: UR_#1_Fan_grl_

Sneeze lava

Evil sister

I run to you

a bee

Rich ugly dude




1.Would you rather have to sleep on a rock in the middle of the ocean OR sleep under a A moving bee hive that can fall at anytime?
2. Would you rather be a walrus OR a swordfish?

3.Would you rather cry crystals OR sweat kool laid?

4.Would you rather have to ability to play guitar with your elbows OR be able to play the piano with your tongue?

5.Would you rather be able to see the color of music ( also there is an actual ability to do that but it’s rare.) OR taste words?

Thanks for reading please answer in the comments below tweet us and email us.

@ Artalishious Me



Answer to maybe get featured!

– The Art Girls:)



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