The Fair!

I know I know this blog has been a little slow and not very postyish. BUT yesterday I went to the fair!

Some funny and interesting stuff happened if you look at it my way its hilarious but from an adults view its quite childish but depending on the way you look at office chairs well you will know how you will see it. (office chairs are their own ride! ) this might seem kinda mean but how can you not laugh!

So I was dared to go on this new ride that would spin on its side with the people standing up, this boy that is next to me looks very very calm and shows no emotion. As soon as the ride starts spinning he is screaming and saying “OH MY GOD! IM GONNA DIE ON HERE! ILL NEVER GET TO WRITE MY WILL! I LEAVE MY POKEMON CARDS TO MY DOG AND MY DOG TO BRE-AHHHHH” and the ride is turning on its side and her stops and shuts his eyes and is whispering something .As of me im laughing so hard which hurts on the ride and I couldn’t stop. his face! Hilarious! Sounds mean but come on! what would you do? yeah I feel a little bad for the kid cause he is thinking he is going to die and is writing his will in words. I didn’t want to say his name but the only name im giving is half of a girl he left his dog to(if that makes any sense to you). just Bre.

moving on I had to go on a bunch of rides with my little sister and a friend. have you herd of the scramble? well its a ride and it goes around and you can get close to people for like a second and say something weird and that is sooooooo fun I got to this guy and i said “SAAAN Bro!” haha his face! priceless! I met alot of people that day. You know you- OMG! (screams) HORNET! HOLY FUDGE CAKES! I not caring about the computer i toss it to the side and run over to the swing set.Dang hornets! those things are so scary! especially if they come up as close to the computer screen! when ever a hornet comes i scream like a cat when you step on its tail. literally .- anyways you know you have to try and dont be shy its so fun and some people actually talk back or do something.

yeah long post but it was fun!

thanks for reading as always!

– The Art Girls



Update :)

HAPPY 4th OF JULY I wanted to say happy 4th of July 🙂 Now I have had some questions from our email and I wanted to answer them

First off I’m sorry I can’t really say our names because wells we think it would be even more fun if you don’t know who we are… ^_^
BUT I can tell you that there are TWO art girls:) I know in one of the posts I said that there are 3 but I have an explanation we did have 3 girls but now one of them kinda was being a little uptight and got mad and just I guess you could say quit but quitting without being paid I guess…..
No we do not get paid as I just mentioned we both live in Brookville IN
Thanks and if you have any questions just write them in the comments or email or tweet them:)
-The Art Girls 🙂

yeah this is a short post but ill write another one later

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