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Hey so I’m sorry I haven’t really been posting and updating this blog I’ve kinda been busy with school stuff. So anyways until I have time to write and update Artalishious Me I’m going to stop posting for about 1 or 2 weeks even though I love you guys 🙂 so I’m sorry about that and anyways I’m alittle out of ideas do what would you guys like me to write about? Maybe today I’ll write one last post then start in a few weeks again. But this last post will be about creepy people. So bye for now remember to follow us on twitter and like our posts. Thanks!
-the art girls 🙂


School is starting soon!!!

Hey y’all today I went to my school and registered! I’m very very happy with the the classes I got. So anyway here’s the new topic : bad luck on teachers.
Does anyone else have bad teacher luck? Because sometimes I do and this time my bad luck kinda worked out, you see I got the teacher I kinda didn’t want for homeroom and then I get home call the other art girl and ask what teacher she got and she got mrs. W ( thats what i call her) for homeroom too! I’m glad that someone is not in my class from something she had said to me when we say each other at the fair.
Anyways I understand some people have this and to me I shall call it teacherbadluckidis . Sorry this is kinda short. But see ya! Thanks and bye…

– The Art Girls

Classic prankster!

Ok a few days ago I pulled an awesome prank on a friend that was staying the night and got it on camera! Haha
She was quite mad… Here are some pranks I would recommend for beginners.

• shredded paper prank- always recycle! Use some old newspaper and magazines and shred them , put them in a bag and slowly half wake up your target and pour!

• pie in the face prank- an old classic but is still fun! Get whip cream or a pie (I guess if you want to go further) sneak up to them and pie them!

• dog biscuit prank- have you seen those dog biscuits that look like real food for humans? Buy a few and have someone try it , finding out what it’s like to be a dog.

• classic costume scare – its an oldie but who cares, get a scary costume and sneak behind someone to give them a taste of Halloween .

Anyway that’s all for this prank post email comment and tweet other pranks you used or want to use.


-The Art Girls 🙂

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