Hey everybody Im back! Interesting things that happened while I was gone :)

whats up guys? its been a very long time like 4 or 5 weeks and school started and im going to try to be back on track for as long as I can. anyways time for me to burst out with all the stuff that’s been happening lately…

after school one morning I have discovered something, and that is…. (don’t call me a nerd) the weird things you can do with science!  the video below is so cool and I think I might do that

Moss graffiti….


I think this is cool (alert nerdy science geek)

Anyways (dun dun dunnnn) whats been happening at school is the normal stuff BUT what has really sucked these past few weeks is an old best friend of mine (hint: now old) has been going out with my bro behind my back and this guy … he was like a brother to me and I always thought my old bff wouldnt date him but she did and to think of it she knew I USE TO have a small crush on him… just sayin… and NO this is NOT an art girl so you know… she almost was one tho…

now lets talk creepy…

ok one night me and one of my friends went to the park alone at night and we went down by the river and decided to go check out an old place we use to hang out at ( it was the safe house and that’s why my book is called the safe house) and things got creepy… like really creepy…. a fisherman was out in the middle of the river and since it was dark I kinda freaked out but thankfully tab (my nickname for my friend) smacked my arm and made me hold in my scream. note the fisherman was 20 feet away when we noticed. so we just stay there for a while and talk and by that time the man left and it was about 11 at night. Tab already knew that we should go but had to say something first… she said “this reminds me of the slender man” you know that feeling you get when you are thinking about something scary and you feel like it’s happening to you? well just happened to me then. all the sudden a twig snaps and I react in stealth mode and hit tab in the side. I freak out but turns out it was just an animal all alone. So Since I forgot my phone at home I grab tab’s phone and call another friend to come and find us. He comes and we make it out alive. I was playing the real game of slender man…. kind of….

so thanks for reading my large post since a while I hope you enjoyed FOLLOW,TWEET, AND LIKE SEE YA

by the way on saturday I don’t know if i will get to post since im going to be busy out-of-town so ill try tho….


-The art girls 🙂



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