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I just got bored and had an erase board and a marker and decided draw this so… Yeah just thought I should share that.
-the art girls
P.s there will be more of these short posts just so you know. ūüôā BYE!



A beautiful pic


This is a very interesting collage that reminds me of my summer what do you think?
-the art girls
Ps we are now going mobile too so we will be posting some more also thanks!


let me just say… don’t wait for the perfect time…

Ok *sigh* I know I would¬†eventually¬†get to the point of writing this… anyways There are people who make things happen and people who dont. I mean this goal and dream wise.

Lets take this girl I know named ash ( its not her real name so dont think it is) ash wanted to be an actress her whole life so what she did was move to¬†California got an agent and is has a few roles in shows .You see she did make her dream real she got off her lazy butt and actually did something. But on the other hand there is this girl Liz ¬†(again not her real name) She always wanted to be a singer ,but she did the opposite of what ash did. She¬†didn’t¬†do anything she just waited for her dreams to come to her let me tell you its not gonna happen girly. She lived in Nashville. YES, I DO MEAN MUSIC CITY¬†… out of all the things she could of done for herself there she¬†didn’t¬†do anything . not at all…

What im trying to say is if you want something to happen you cant just stay on your lazy butt and wait for it . I know you have ¬†probably heard of this already by classic Disney but for real I mean it.Only because too many people are doing that and it gets annoying. seriously…. I’ve got to go but in the mean time you will se another post soon maybe tomorrow or Tuesday depends…

-The Art Girls

My School: Sub teacher = The classroom is a party

HEYYYYYY GUUYSSS im back! i know i forgot about you guys sorry but while I was gone school was interesting and so was the rest of my discoveries.ANYWAYS….

As by the title of this post you can see that I have had a substitute teacher. Now keep in mind this was the end of the day and this sub was REALLY old ( no offence to the old people you’re awesome too)and she didn’t always look out at the students as most teachers do. So the fake smiles of students appeared every time she looked up. Some people were keeping their cool but others were just rude and yes I will say a name…. INDIA SHUT THE FREAK UP!!!! there happy? I sit next to her and she is just being plain rude to this teacher but I don’t want to say anything about it I already said a name —- STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP

HOLD ON… I JUST FOUND SOMEONE WHO IS MADLY TALENTED RIGHT AS IM WRITING…. this girl is an amazing singer and songwriter im listening to her song right now as you read and I write

LINK CLICK(or video whatever I put here) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UngCGWE7t_8

———————————————————————————————- sorry had to (haha scared you didn’t I? nope I didn’t) anyways whats gong on in 7th period class ( english ) the teacher looks away and BAM! A BALL OF PAPER IS THROWN AT ME! I have no idea where this came from but I read it and whoops wrong person it was really sent to Kylie ( im always mistaken for Kylie for no reason) and the note said ” what happened to ——- my name here—– she seems so shady 2day” oh look it’s about ME. I glance back to the class ( im in front on the left) and the possibility is Jen( not her real name ) threw it because I catch her intense stare and she looks away and the teacher looks back and looks away and looks back.

Everytime big balls of paper are flying all over. awesome. Girls are getting out of their seat the boys are playing basketball with the paper and trashcan. Lesson learned, teachers, NEVER EVER hire some old substitute or a false good note will be left. The next day… we got a good note ( why do teachers still use good or bad notes from the substitutes?) and got a free study period. by the way the other art girl is in this class too. the end!

this was a long post so I hope you liked this one it’s just a daily dose of whatever the heck happens in the art girls lives.

– the art girls ūüôā

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