let me just say… don’t wait for the perfect time…

Ok *sigh* I know I would eventually get to the point of writing this… anyways There are people who make things happen and people who dont. I mean this goal and dream wise.

Lets take this girl I know named ash ( its not her real name so dont think it is) ash wanted to be an actress her whole life so what she did was move to California got an agent and is has a few roles in shows .You see she did make her dream real she got off her lazy butt and actually did something. But on the other hand there is this girl Liz  (again not her real name) She always wanted to be a singer ,but she did the opposite of what ash did. She didn’t do anything she just waited for her dreams to come to her let me tell you its not gonna happen girly. She lived in Nashville. YES, I DO MEAN MUSIC CITY … out of all the things she could of done for herself there she didn’t do anything . not at all…

What im trying to say is if you want something to happen you cant just stay on your lazy butt and wait for it . I know you have  probably heard of this already by classic Disney but for real I mean it.Only because too many people are doing that and it gets annoying. seriously…. I’ve got to go but in the mean time you will se another post soon maybe tomorrow or Tuesday depends…

-The Art Girls


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