Happy Artalishious Anniversery!


As you can see by the title, it has been one year since we made Artalishious Me! It feels so awesome that people have read our posts and visited our blog.One year ago we started and already 700 people have seen our blog and that is so awesome.every like, comment, follower and email counts.


in honor of our one year anniversery, we have added 2 new girls to the art team! We now have a great photographer and model/geek (im the other geek haha) on our team!So anyways we were thinking of giving you our names….

-The Art Girls


instagram:Artalishious Me



Edgy shirt design




So I made this shirt not to long ago and wanted to know if it looks cool or not. What do you guys think? Do you want a tutorial on how to do this? On the back of the shirt do you guys like it better weaved or loose? Haha see you guys later or maybe tomorrow 🙂
-the art girls

The art of trolling


Anyways this is for those people who don’t know what a troll it. Just a quick little post 🙂 btw some new pictures will be posted soon from our new photographer. See ya soon!

-the art girls 🙂


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