Happy Artalishious Anniversery!


As you can see by the title, it has been one year since we made Artalishious Me! It feels so awesome that people have read our posts and visited our blog.One year ago we started and already 700 people have seen our blog and that is so awesome.every like, comment, follower and email counts.


in honor of our one year anniversery, we have added 2 new girls to the art team! We now have a great photographer and model/geek (im the other geek haha) on our team!So anyways we were thinking of giving you our names….

-The Art Girls


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let me just say… don’t wait for the perfect time…

Ok *sigh* I know I would eventually get to the point of writing this… anyways There are people who make things happen and people who dont. I mean this goal and dream wise.

Lets take this girl I know named ash ( its not her real name so dont think it is) ash wanted to be an actress her whole life so what she did was move to California got an agent and is has a few roles in shows .You see she did make her dream real she got off her lazy butt and actually did something. But on the other hand there is this girl Liz  (again not her real name) She always wanted to be a singer ,but she did the opposite of what ash did. She didn’t do anything she just waited for her dreams to come to her let me tell you its not gonna happen girly. She lived in Nashville. YES, I DO MEAN MUSIC CITY … out of all the things she could of done for herself there she didn’t do anything . not at all…

What im trying to say is if you want something to happen you cant just stay on your lazy butt and wait for it . I know you have  probably heard of this already by classic Disney but for real I mean it.Only because too many people are doing that and it gets annoying. seriously…. I’ve got to go but in the mean time you will se another post soon maybe tomorrow or Tuesday depends…

-The Art Girls

Update :)

HAPPY 4th OF JULY I wanted to say happy 4th of July 🙂 Now I have had some questions from our email and I wanted to answer them

First off I’m sorry I can’t really say our names because wells we think it would be even more fun if you don’t know who we are… ^_^
BUT I can tell you that there are TWO art girls:) I know in one of the posts I said that there are 3 but I have an explanation we did have 3 girls but now one of them kinda was being a little uptight and got mad and just I guess you could say quit but quitting without being paid I guess…..
No we do not get paid as I just mentioned we both live in Brookville IN
Thanks and if you have any questions just write them in the comments or email or tweet them:)
-The Art Girls 🙂

yeah this is a short post but ill write another one later

Pictures are just so awesome to take and edit. :)

Hia so…. I JUST wrote a post on our segment would you rather BUT I just wanted to make it up for last Saturday. AND NOW… Here are some pictures I took and edited them into something better….




Thanks and I know they are a little blurry but that’s was NOT my fault it was the computers I promise and if you are wondering the girl on the well and swing is my little sister Natalie:) I jut had the idea of the glove and guitar ALSO I’m sorry that the guitar has only 5 strings one was pulled on a lot and came off 😦 but thanks and comment like and follow us 🙂
-The Art Girls 🙂

Would You Rather? answers and New

Hey! Yeah its Sunday…. BUT I have a reason; I won’t be home( plus I’m lazy) Sooo….. We have answers…. And NEW questions! I thought we wouldn’t get people to answer but we did. Sorry we haven’t updated but if you must know I’m just sitting at home in baggy clothes with my girls eating sour punch straws and watching tv/movies and writing songs… Ahhh Summer….


Ok first answers:

From: Tiffany H.

Fart silent deadly smells
Evil step sister
You belong with me
Lightning bug
Poor hot dude

From: UR_#1_Fan_grl_

Sneeze lava

Evil sister

I run to you

a bee

Rich ugly dude




1.Would you rather have to sleep on a rock in the middle of the ocean OR sleep under a A moving bee hive that can fall at anytime?
2. Would you rather be a walrus OR a swordfish?

3.Would you rather cry crystals OR sweat kool laid?

4.Would you rather have to ability to play guitar with your elbows OR be able to play the piano with your tongue?

5.Would you rather be able to see the color of music ( also there is an actual ability to do that but it’s rare.) OR taste words?

Thanks for reading please answer in the comments below tweet us and email us.

@ Artalishious Me



Answer to maybe get featured!

– The Art Girls:)


Writing and Imagination!

Yeah I know this is kinda a boring post but I got a really messed up comment that I deleted and it was mean soooo…. Yeah I kinda lost it while reading it and yeah .BUT ANYWAYS I know that there are people out there that like what we write 🙂

PLUS I have some awesome not for sure news!

Ok well I’ve just finished my new maybe book and I was thinking of publishing it for ebook on Amazon!!! Yay!!!!!!! It’s called Safe House . It’s the first book in my trilogy ( not like the movie its so different from that) SOOO NEVERMIND ON THAT JUST STICK IT IN YOUR BRAIN.

So This summer all along with your other plans what are YOU going to do on your FREETIME? How about writing a story? Why not? DO IT! DO IT! Write about maybe something that happened to you in a story or write about something completely fantasy like my book.USE YOUR IMAGINATION SO DO WHATEVER! If you even have to go outside and yell ” Give me an idea!” at the wind or at a tree ( call me crazy I know I did it once ^^)  CREATE A STORY then EDIT IT AWESOMELY( spelled wrong again oh well) and then… CREATE A COVER AND DONE!

Be awesome and share your stories with your friends! Now now little author, you know what else you might need to keep you safe its…….. Dun Dun Dunnnnn…… COPYRIGHT! Set some!Or at lease put the C with the circle around it and move on….

Ok I know short short post today but HEY! Give me a  break! We are busy people now! Thanks for reading! BYEA!

-The Art Girls 🙂


What to do in summer!

Hey everybody! We’re excited because summer is coming! It’s here for the people in Brookville because we got out early from snow days. (Yeah the art girls live in Brookville Indiana if you didn’t know) Soooo some stuff is down below for when you have nothing to do this summer READ ON!

5  things to do this summer

1. Learn to play an instrument!( like me)

2. Go on vacation!

3. Pig out on movies, tv shows, and/or books!

4. Start doing something different that is out of your lifestyle like sky diving or poetry!

5. Have LOTS of sleepovers! With all of your friends (that is what I’m gonna do.)

-TheArtGirls  🙂

(on an unrelated topic what I really hate is spell checker! It really annoys me a lot because I have to change it all the time (and have to yell at it which is pointless) (inception!) so yeah…)

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