Update :)

HAPPY 4th OF JULY I wanted to say happy 4th of July 🙂 Now I have had some questions from our email and I wanted to answer them

First off I’m sorry I can’t really say our names because wells we think it would be even more fun if you don’t know who we are… ^_^
BUT I can tell you that there are TWO art girls:) I know in one of the posts I said that there are 3 but I have an explanation we did have 3 girls but now one of them kinda was being a little uptight and got mad and just I guess you could say quit but quitting without being paid I guess…..
No we do not get paid as I just mentioned we both live in Brookville IN
Thanks and if you have any questions just write them in the comments or email or tweet them:)
-The Art Girls 🙂

yeah this is a short post but ill write another one later


Pictures are just so awesome to take and edit. :)

Hia so…. I JUST wrote a post on our segment would you rather BUT I just wanted to make it up for last Saturday. AND NOW… Here are some pictures I took and edited them into something better….




Thanks and I know they are a little blurry but that’s was NOT my fault it was the computers I promise and if you are wondering the girl on the well and swing is my little sister Natalie:) I jut had the idea of the glove and guitar ALSO I’m sorry that the guitar has only 5 strings one was pulled on a lot and came off 😦 but thanks and comment like and follow us 🙂
-The Art Girls 🙂

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